Course: Experiment 01 - Preparation and properties of tin compounds

First year teaching labs
Experiment 01 - Preparation and properties of tin compounds

Topic outline

  • flow diagram

  • Before you come to the lab

    Work through the following pages and complete both the pre-lab and safety test.

    The deadline for submission of the pre-lab test is midnight the day preceding your experiment and for the safety test midday on the day of the experiment.

    You should ideally complete these no earlier than the 2 days leading up to the lab class.

  • In the lab

    Carry out the experiment referring to the 1XYZ Lab Manual. The experiment quickguide document is also available for you to download and annotate with your own notes (save your version to the network drive).

    Ensure that you have submitted any information required for in-lab assessment to the demonstrator BEFORE you leave the lab.

  • After the lab

    In the Student Comments box on Marks & Absences please supply a literature value for the mp of your sample with a reference (internet references e.g. Wikipedia are not acceptable) along with your percentage yield.

    The deadline for submitting your work is midnight the day AFTER your lab class.