Chem XYZ Expt 1: Pre-lab test

First year teaching labs
Experiment 01 - Preparation and properties of tin compounds

Pre-lab test

You must take this test before coming to the lab. This test comprises questions including:

  • Tin oxidation states
  • Stoichiometry of the reaction
  • Amount of material used
  • The bonding in the complex

You can review the feedback and correct answers once you have submitted the test. Note that when you take the test for a second time you may not get asked exactly the same questions.

You are allowed 2 attempts at this test. Your highest mark will count.

You can refer to the Techniques manual and Experiment 1 information if you need help.

Attempts allowed: 2

Grading method: Highest grade

Summary of your previous attempts

Attempt State Marks / 5.00 Grade / 20.00 Review
Preview FinishedSubmitted Friday, 11 January 2013, 10:13 AM 1.75 7.00 Review

Highest grade: 7.00 / 20.00.